Trying Cryotherapy For Warts May Be Useful

Trying Cryotherapy For Warts May Be Useful

Warts are among the most pestering and recurring skin problems that haunt millions of people globally. They may respond to OTC solutions sometimes and some wart variants may not be eradicated by such means easily. When warts don’t subside easily and OTC solutions do not produce many results cryotherapy is deployed.

What is it?

Cryotherapy for warts involves freezing the affected part off and then removing them surgically. It can be done at home with suitable kits but it is better you get it done at a doctor’s clinic. This will ensure the chances of recurrence are lower. It takes a few minutes.

The after effects of Cryotherapy

The pain of cryotherapy can last for 2 to 3 days and it is not severe. Within 2 weeks scarring disappears. Some people may get blister at the affected spot. If you think you can put up with short-term pain and expect better results, this is the way to go. However, it is not ideal for the kids. Teenagers and adults should not face many problems. In some cases skin redness may occur but these are not much serious.

Other things to know

Most doctors make use of liquid nitrogen to freeze wart off the skin of a person. The doctors performing the therapy may use some specialized equipments, sprays, etc. You may feel a sensation of numbness on skin. It has been seen that Cryosurgery can cure 70% of warts but some of these may need more than one application.

Some warts may not get removed or recur even after applying this method. This usually happens in cases when the victims try applying the solutions at home. It is better that you opt for this therapy if you have fair skin and do not have hair on affected skin areas.

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